The Mozambique Holdings Group is a diversified conglomerate operating in Mozambique, the UAE, India, China, and the USA. It has a capital base of USD150mn and a business turnover of USD100mn. The group has been operating since 1994 and employs 1,400 Mozambican and 240 expatriate staff in Mozambique.



Africa Drilling Company

As one of the largest developer of water supply systems and potable water sources in Mozambique, Afrodrill operates in all provinces of Mozambique executing projects for the government as well as international development agencies.

Agro Industria e Chá de Tacuane

Resulting from the acquisition of the 10,000 acre Chá Madal Tea Estate in Tacuane, the company is in the process of developing it into Mozambique's first rubber estate, with the initial phase of planting 4,000 acres due to be completed by 2021


Grown from one of the largest warehouse operators in Mozambique to a logistics and infrastructure development company; engaged in International Commercial Toll collection, while its Engineering Division has built bulk liquid fuel and LPG infrastructure for CFM, Petromoc, Vale, and Puma.

Farma Holdings

Focused on the wholesale import and distribution of medicines in Mozambique. The company has over 300 registered essential products, having developed key partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers in India, China, Brazil, Europe, and South Africa.

Fabrica De Uniformes Militares | FAUMIL

A joint venture between Mozambique Holdings and the Ministry of Defense, Government of Mozambique. The factory caters to all logistics requirements of the Mozambican Army.

Industria Nacional De Uniformes Policiais | INUPOL

A joint venture between the Home Ministry of the Government of Mozambique and Mozambique Holdings, it operates a factory that manufactures and supplies uniforms and garments for the Police Force, Customs, Border Security Force and Presidential Guards.

MHL Auto

It is the registered dealer of Mahindra Automobiles in Mozambique. It has the largest Sales, Spares, and Service network in the country. Mozambique Holdings is Mahindra’s second oldest international distributor after Nepal


A joint venture between Mozambique Holdings and Petromoc, the company bottles, distributes, and retails LPG in cylinders.

Pequenos Libombos Energia

Pequenos Libombos Hydro Electric Power Plant on the Umbeluzi river is the first project implemented under the Group's investments in the utility sector has been generating electricity for the Mozambican electric grid operator EDM since 2012.

Strides Pharma Mozambique

Is the first operating pharmaceutical factory in Mozambique manufacturing Oral Solid Dosage formulations created as a partnership between Mozambique Holdings and Strides Shasun. The company produces both general and beta-lactam products in Mozambique.



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